Towers & Spires

The Uffington Group Magazine

Towers & Spires is published monthly with details of
services at all churches and various other meetings.

It also has items of local interest, births, marriages & deaths.

The centre 'diary' pages are in the Uffington Group link.

Adverts help cover the cost of producing the magazine, please browse through the Advertisers section whenever possible.


There are nearly always two copies of the Towers & Spires available-
the Current Issue and the Previous Issue (in case you missed something).
Please select which one you would like to see from the list above left.

The magazine is distributed free to everyone within the 7 villages covered by the group, but is also available by post.

The subscription for 12 monthly editions (starting January) is just 5 to anywhere in the UK (to cover the cost of the envelope and postage).
Overseas rates are negotiable (depending on the cost of the stamp!)

To join the mailing list, send your details, with a cheque made out to
 'Towers and Spires',
to Maggie Edgington, Jays Nest, Main St., Braceborough, Lincs PE9 4NT