Welland Mothers Union - Diary for 2017

Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month at 2pm.

Reports from the meetings are given in the Towers & Spires
and a synopsis is sometimes available at the bottom of this page!

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Subject, Location and Time (if not 2pm) 

February 8th

Behind the Iron Curtain, 4 St Lawrence Way, Tallington

Fri. March 1st

Womens World Day of Prayer, Priory Church D-St-James

March 18th

Quiet Afternoon, Caroline

April 8th

Lady Day, Thurlby

April 15th

Food Bank - Eileen Bungay, Wendy’s, 66 King St WD

May 20th

Outing - Pbo/Bourne/Thorney/Key Theatre

June 17th

Cancer - Mr Fisher, Elizabeth’s, 28 King St WD

July 15th

Garden Party, Sylvia’s, Church Lane, WD

July 16th

St Benedict’s Coffee

Fri August 19th

Mary Sumner Day, St Guthlac’s, Mkt Deeping


MU Theme “Seeds We Sow”, Susanna’s, Cromwell Hse

Thurs Oct 10th

St Benedict’s Coffee

October 15th

Cluster Lunch, Christ Church, Stamford

October 21st

Acorn Christian Healing Foundation, Moira’s, St.Andrews Hse

November 18th

Craft Afternoon, Dorothy’s, Tamar Lodge, Baston


Carol Singing, Tallington