Lincoln Diocese

The Church of England's Lincoln Diocese

The seven parishes of the Uffington Group are among the 514 parishes which now make up the Diocese of Lincoln.  The Diocese remains one of the largest diocese, geographically, in the country – more of less covering the historic county of Lincolnshire (now the areas administerd by Lincolnshire County Council, North Lincolnshire Council and North-east Lincolnshire Council).

The Diocesan Bishop is the Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, and there are two suffragan bishops: the  Rt Revd Dr David Court (Bishop of Grimsby) and the Rt Revd Dr Nicholas Chamberlain (Bishop of Grantham).

The Diocese is divided into three Archdeaconries: Stowe & Lindsey (in the north), Lincoln (in the centre), and Boston (covering the south of the Diocese).  The parishes of the Uffington Group fall within the Archdeaconry of Boston – which is overseen by the Archdeacon of Boston, the Venerable Dr Justine Allain Chapman.

More information about the Diocese may be found on the Diocesan website (

Within the Archdeaconry, the seven parishes, together with the parishes of Stamford, All Saints; Stamford, Christ Church; Stamford, St George; Stamford, St Martin and Stamford, St Mary make up the Deanery of Stamford.  More information about the Deanery may be found on its website (

The Diocese is one of forty two dioceses of the Church of England. 
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