2017 Entries

A collection of scarecrows found on the two days!

Not all were in the quiz but all were judged.

DSC_0022 (300x169)

DSC_0024 (300x169)

DSC_0026 (300x169)

DSC_0029 (300x169)

DSC_0030 (300x169)

DSC_0032 (300x169)

DSC_0037 (300x169)

DSC_0039 (300x169)

DSC_0041 (300x169)

DSC_0042 (300x169)

DSC_0044 (300x169)

DSC_0045 (300x169)

DSC_0047 (300x169)

DSC_0050 (300x169)

DSC_0051 (300x169)

DSC_0053 (300x169)

DSC_0054 (300x169)

DSC_0061 (300x169)

DSC_0064 (300x169)

DSC_0071 (300x169)

DSC_0078 (300x169)

DSC_0081 (300x169)

DSC_0082 (300x169)

DSC_0083 (300x169)

DSC_0085 (300x169)

DSC_0086 (300x169)

DSC_0087 (300x169)

DSC_0088 (300x169)

DSC_0093 (300x169)

DSC_0095 (300x169)

DSC_0096 (300x169)

DSC_0097 (300x169)

DSC_0098 (300x169)

DSC_0099 (300x169)

DSC_0100 (300x169)

DSC_0101 (300x169)

DSC_0102 (300x169)

DSC_0103 (300x169)

DSC_0104 (300x169)

DSC_0105 (300x169)

DSC_0106 (300x169)

DSC_0107 (300x169)

DSC_0108 (300x169)

DSC_0109 (300x169)

DSC_0110 (300x169)

DSC_0111 (300x169)

DSC_0112 (300x169)

DSC_0114 (300x169)

DSC_0116 (300x169)

DSC_0124 (300x169)

DSC_0125 (300x169)

DSC_0176 (300x169)

DSC_0211 (300x169)

DSC_0267 (300x169)

DSC_0235 (300x169)

Those missing scarecrows should appear here soon (hopefully!)

Anyone seeing them walking by should send them to me please!

editor@uffington.org thank you ;)


These are photos of all the scarecrows found in the village.

However, not all of them were entered for the competition.

If you have photos of any that were missed, please email them to the editor@uffington.org  Thank you.