About What's Next!

What's next on Ken's agenda?

Apart from the bypass project, a few others are coming to fruition!

A new steel and oak bridge  'appeared' over the River Welland (Maxey Cut) at Tallington Weir. With wheelchair access and RADAR kissing gates BOTH sides of the river from Bainton Road.

After opposition from the Environment Agency to replacing the original derelict bridge despite letters from locals, my long negotiations with EA & Lincs County Council mean that they have 'received' a brand new low maintenance bridge package from the Environment Agency - free of charge - for the benefit of all of us! The work started on 10th October 2007 and the new bridge is now open. The gates are now complete; hopefully the path surface will be rolled and made firmer before long to allow more comfortable wheelchair access.

The wheelchair friendly footpath system that I argued for at the rear of the Millennium Green was completed but still needs a better surface; linking the Church, Village Hall, Playing Field, the Rest Home, St Lawrence Way and all local Public Rights of Way. The last bit between Bainton Road and the Paddock had to be fought over as some bright architect decided to make it just 1 metre wide instead of 1.8m!

The Tallington Museum was being planned for the Church Room on Bainton Road and would store the archives of so much material relevant to the village's past as well as displaying old maps and evidence of our history. Unfortunately this has slipped well down the priority list for various reasons!

The long-distance footpath from The Deepings to Stamford via the Stamford Canal towpath, built in 1670 (100 years before the Industrial Revolution) and abandoned in 1856, is an ongoing project under the Discovering Lost Ways scheme - but will be stepped up when I get a few minutes! Watch this space.....

Getting Ultrafast Broadband into both this village and 8 others in north Cambridgeshire has been an extremely worthwhile project.
Tallington is now officially the fastest broadband enabled village in Lincolnshire!


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