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Ken Otter - who came to Tallington in 2002 while researching his family tree and ended up staying here when he found it was his ancestral home!

A Richard Otter first moved to Tallington from Langtoft between 1640 and 1660 i.e. about 360 years ago. The first Otter birth was registered in 1685 but some records had been destroyed in the Civil War.

The main family business for many years was The Forge on Main Road, Tallington but Ken's great-grandfather's family lived in Wally &  Anne Knox's old house, The Chestnuts,  and were wheelwright's and cowkeepers. Their grandparents were the blacksmith's at The Forge for many years, before they retired to Otter's Lodge on Barholm Road, where the grandchildren stayed regularly according to the census returns of the 1800's.

Ken's great-grandfather worked on the widening of the GNR railway as a Foreman Platelayer.  Unfortunately, he was killed when hit by the Harrogate Express on the 3rd September 1903 near Helpston. Ken’s grandfather, Reginald, later signed up (under-aged) for the first World War by falsifying his first name, age and place of birth! It was only after a lot of research that Ken found his true first name ( Ringland ) and where his family really came from; Tallington - not London as he had said!

An Otter is now back in the village - to continue the good work his forebears did; from blacksmiths to wheelwrights, farmers to church wardens - they did their bit for the community.  Reconstituting and being chair of the Heron Trust in 1821 must have been a proud moment for the Otter family then, as well as signing as witness to nearly 60 consecutive weddings at the church, over a long period of service to the village. Ken is proud to walk in their footsteps, and intends to do as much for the village as possible; meanwhile, he tends 20 of his family graves in the graveyard; as well as all of the others!


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