The Church Tallington PCC

Tallington Parochial Church Council

The local committee that manages St Lawrence's Church on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Church of England's Lincoln Aveland and Ness Diocese. The chair and rector was Carolyn Kennedy who has retired due to ill health Tel: (01780) 481786

What it is, who is on it and minutes of previous meetings will eventually appear here. Mr Alan Thurlby and Mrs Shirley Taylor were Church Wardens for many years; Alan has now passed away and Shirley has ended her term of office. Mr & Mrs David Tilson have taken over her role as joint deputies.

 Mrs Anne Knox has now taken on the flower rota task; any support is welcome as is help with occasional cleaning in the church.

They would welcome enquiries from anyone who wishes to take on one or more of these tasks for the benefit of the church and the local community.

Please contact a churchwarden or the rector in the first instance.

The PCC Treasurer is ALWAYS looking for more money to help with the constant upkeep of the church!   If you have enjoyed your visit to this website and want to help - please send donations to 'Tallington PCC' c/o The Stables, Main Road, Tallington, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4RP.   Thank you.


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