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The Deepings Group

Led by David Allen (West Deeping), George Waterhouse (Tallington) & Robin Douglas (Deeping St James), this group did all of the census work and campaigning at the highest level from 1999 to early 2006 as the Tallington Level Crossing Steering Group; without which, Ken Otter's 'Tallington Bypass 2006' Proposal would have been severely limited and taken much longer. His personal thanks go to them for their work behind the scenes back then. I am glad they have been able to see some of their work start to come to fruition (AND the Pandora's Box that they, carefully, didn't open!) - it is very easy campaigning when you don’t let the public know what you are really campaigning for! No route has been published by them so it is impossible to cost or quantify!

October 2006 Update: Since the Tallington Parish Council sub-committee decided it would co-opt David Allen with his technical knowledge of the census data of traffic using the level crossing then there is a continuity between the old Steering Group and the 'official' Parish Council led bid for a bypass. On October 2nd, BBC East Midlands needed a spokesperson for a news-story on the crossing and his name was put forward by Brian Thompson, the Lincs. County Council Highways manager. After a disastrous start on his first appearance on TV he managed to get a bit more 'on track' by the end of the week.

March 2007 Update: David Allen now thinks that 'his' agenda (moving the A16 into Cambridgeshire via Lolham!) is more suitable (for him) than my proposal for the majority of people in South Lincs! The fact that it is an expensive red herring that will delay a sensible solution is lost on him and his supporters! Now please see my 2006 proposal and then the Latest News above!


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