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Obviously proud of my work for Mr. & Mrs. Taylor in Tallington. She works tirelessly for the church while at the same time looking after her husband, Bob, who has had Alzheimers since 1988. Bob Taylor was one of the senior Peterborough City Engineers responsible for designing the new city’s road system's drainage and infrastructure.  I visited their house while researching my family tree and saw Mrs. Taylor struggling to lift Bob back into his chair from his wheelchair.

To cut a long story short, after suggesting a hoist for Bob, I persuaded Social Services to purchase one but they couldn't install it for 6 months at least! I then modified his bathroom and doorways and Mrs Taylor paid for the hoist installation herself.

I was then invited to live with the family and now provide backup as a 24 hour, 7 days a week carer; helping cook Bob's meals, with his feeding, the driving and general family support. I was selling my house in Milton Keynes in any case but had intended moving to work in Tenerife not Tallington! Their loss - the Taylor's gain!

In the little spare time that I have, I try to join in the social activities in the village. I enjoy a game of Whist in the Village Hall on Monday afternoons and occasionally Pétanque, on Wednesday evenings. I support the church as grounds-man and PCC Treasurer and attend the Parish Council on a regular basis - now as a Parish Councillor.

I also try to improve things that I see are in need of it and have made several suggestions to the Parish Council over time BUT having been accused of proposing that the new road bypass goes 'elsewhere' and Not In My Back Yard, I would point out that the first Tallington 'bypass' goes just past the Taylor's house. The 'Maxey Cut' built in the 50's to stop the regular flooding caused by the meandering River Welland!

That 'bypass', incidentally, is less than 100 metres from the house with views of the 2.5 metre high embankment from the lounge window AND it has had a large new concrete bridge built over it! Strange, we don't know it is there, being so well covered in natural vegetation. However, there are complaints about the noise of the swans taking off and landing! Ah well, so be it, our fault for coming to live in the country!

While I have been here I have used my time to tidy the whole of the graveyard, cleaned the gravestones, photographed and recorded all of the information on them. I do most of the general maintenance in the graveyard and in the church and now, the church-room on Bainton Rd, which I am preparing as a museum for Tallington.

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