Level Crossing Its History

History of the Level Crossing and a potential Bypass!

First promised in 1933, the bypass route was agreed in 1946, drawn up in 1948 and then abandoned, even though Harry Dowsett, founder of the precast concrete works on Barholm Road (now Tarmac's), offered to build the bridge for them!

 Finally, an outline plan was agreed by the Ministry  of Transport and Civil Aviation in December 1954. At the last minute, the work was halted (perhaps due to the wide spread floods at that time?) and work was commenced on the River Welland's Maxey Cut.

A river bypass instead of a road bypass! Justified at the time, and even though 4 railway cottages (at the rear of Searson Close) were demolished in 1968, to clear a route for the bypass, as railway traffic went into a steep decline and road traffic increased slowly, the need for it wasn't justifiable for over 25 years. But now that rail traffic is increasing at over 17% a year, it is VITAL

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