About his Achievements

Ken's Achievements Elsewhere

Small ones like helping get 1200 houses re-roofed and refurbished in Milton Keynes. Eradicating wide-spread crime by running the largest Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the U.K. on his estate, and then stopping HGV lorry rat-runs by getting a blanket 7.5 ton weight limit for Newport Pagnell and several surrounding villages.
Local projects to help all levels of society!

Larger ones like debugging and helping design the first multimedia CD used in schools - The TopClass 'Complete GCSE Maths' syllabus including 400 worksheets on 1 CD - helping children & teachers nationwide.

For the country, he redesigned AND built both the environmental test chambers for the Jaguar strike aircraft radar system for the assembly plant in Scotland and the intrinsically safe computerised control system for the Glaxo Birth Control Pill manufacturing plant; so dangerous that it had to be built alongside the Windscale Nuclear plant - just two milestones in his trouble-shooting career along the way.

Two others were programming the computerised air supply and monitoring systems for the Guildford Special Baby Care Unit (& their main operating theatres) plus the Liverpool Teaching Hospitals GUM unit. No room for the smallest error there! (It didn't matter so much at the Home Office in London, the hot air there always caused computer problems!)

 In his time as an instructor in the Civil Service, he held evening classes for typists to learn how to use computers and, during the day, retrained unemployed university graduates in Advanced Computer Technology. Not only showing them how to hold a screwdriver instead of a pen but how to design automated warehouses, conveyor-belt systems and then program and fault find on personal computers and industrial computerised controllers.

The fact that he has had a Class 1 HGV licence since 1973 has just added to the fun and variety of life! He is now a semi-retired lorry driver and proud of it! When one lives in a village, you are judged by what you do NOT by what you were!


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