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Project Updates

Thank you to everyone who has joined this campaign by ordering the fastest broadband in the UK! A fantastic start to getting the best FTTH service possible for our rural communities!

Our 9 villages have 1435 houses within them and we needed 30% of them to order ie 430. We now have more than that number who have already ordered after just over 3 months of the real start of the campaign but a few more orders are welcomed; so please pre-order now OR if you already have, get your neighbours too as well - to ensure this project succeeds, for us all to benefit. Thank you.

If the main pages change then a link will appear here to save you looking. That way you can read all of the main pages once and then use them as reference. Just return here to get an update. Please return regularly to see how things are progressing. Thank you.


Latest Information


9/9/2015 Ufford Village Hall was the first local building to have an Ultrafast Broadband service (provided free) now that the new green cabinet for the area has gone live. You can see the results of the switch-on as part of the BBC East InsideOut program which was broadcast on Monday 7th September HERE!

19/06/2015 After a long period of little news (and a long holiday for me!) I am happy to say that I returned to a huge amount of work being completed in the three villages of Southorpe, Ufford and Barnack. Just the south of Barnack is in this phase, as the new cabinet installed yesterday in Ufford has the capacity for 400 customers. Once this phase is complete in about 2 weeks then it will go live and we can all go to a demonstration day at Ufford Village Hall to see it working. Other phases will then start to bring the rest of us online as soon as possible.

25/03/2015 A bit of a jump in the update calendar! A selection of photos has now been posted on the front page to show the progress of the ground working gang over the last 2 weeks. Starting in the layby off the A47 (opposite Sacrewell Farm) they went down and under the A1 alongside the river before going up towards the old Little Chef to link up with the Vodaphone backhaul. Returning to the top of the layby, the dig went under the road then under the A47 before going along its verge to the old station turn into Sutton Heath Road. This last section was done at night due to the major roadwork closures on that stretch! The jointing chamber here feeds both the Station House and the Station Master’s House whose pots have been installed! (Not live yet BUT we do have a system of sorts!) Work then progresses in easy soil alongside the road all the way to Southorpe - ETA in a few days! Hopefully a few champions will be able to get a quick photo there to mark the occasion. So it is good news at last - and better, we have been assured more teams are on their way next week to start digging elsewhere - Watch this space.....!

11/03/2015 As the 30% signup target has been reached and groundwork has commenced the early-adopters’ bonus of double-speed for the first year has now ended. Obviously the basic service is still much better than the opposition’s, so please sign up as soon as possible to be connected in the first round at the introductory price.

10/03/2015 After 3 months of on-off/on-off arguments with contractors and Peterborough City Council we can at last say - THE PROJECT HAS NOW STARTED! The first groundbreaking trench has been dug today and fibre is being laid between Wansford and Southorpe on its way to the first green cabinet in Ufford. A photograph of that momentous occasion is on the website’s front page with hopefully many more to come!

6/12/2014 Now that the major part of the information and pre-ordering stage has come to an end, the planning for real is going ahead. Digging work is expected soon but timing is obviously weather dependent!

26/11/2014 After 111 days of campaigning we can now say we have achieved our target! When dates for implementing the digging and connection work we will update this page. Please return on a regular basis to see how things progress. Unfortunately there are several other projects close by who have all signed up at the same time so there may be a small delay while new contractors are found to get us all connected.

14/11/2014 All of Gigaclear’s basic prices are due to rise on January 1st by about 1.80 per month - the first price rise in 4 years. This equates to 4.8% against BT’s price rises from December 6th of 6.25%

12/11/2014 The order numbers are now in excess of 80% so please order now or miss out on the special early bird deal! The current rate of take-up means this deal may end before December 1st!

11/11/2014 The Helpston road-show was held and more orders taken.

10/11/2014 The Gigaclear sales team moves into overdrive - now taking orders in Marholm and Helpston.

31/10/2014 The order numbers are now in excess of 70% so order now or miss out on the special early bird deal!

10/10/2014 The Tallington roadshow took place. Again all questions were responded to and orders were taken from local residents and those from other villages who had come along.

9/10/2014 As the major part of the information stage comes to an end and the  planning for real is going ahead, we are pleased to announce that Ufford Village Hall will be the first local building to have a 1Gbps service  (provided free) once the new green cabinet for the area goes live soon.

8/10/2014 The Bainton roadshow was held with a good number present who ordered that night. Christina Armitage gave her speech again and support was given to Joe Frost from Gigaclear who explained what the service was all about.

8/10/2014 Christina Armitage joined the UPV Champions after her speech at the Ufford roadshow demonstrating her ongoing 14 month fight with BT to even get an ordinary phone line in Helpston, let alone a Superfast broadband service. Welcome.

7/10/2014 The Ufford roadshow was successfully held in their village hall. Many questions were raised and most answered to the satisfaction of those attending. There was an announcement that Ufford was expected to be one of the first to go live and that it was expected to be before Christmas - weather dependent! Sign up now or you might miss the bonus of a 100% free speed increase for a full year!

3/10/2014 The Marholm roadshow was successfully held in their village hall. Many questions were raised and most answered to the satisfaction of those attending.

2/10/2014 A decision was made to give a free 100% speed upgrade for a whole year to everyone who orders within the 30% period! Pay for 50Mbps and get 100Mbps for a year!

1/10/2014 Advertising for the 3 roadshows has been displayed around the 9 villages. A postcard mail shot was sent to all properties and A5 flyers have been delivered.

25/9/2014 A roadshow for Marholm residents only has been arranged for Friday 3rd October from 7.30pm. in their village hall. The content will be different to the other roadshows as this village is the only one due to go live with a BT Superfast box recently installed. The pro’s and con’s of the two options will be the main topic.

7/9/2014 To help those who missed the first two roadshows at Helpston and Barnack, the UPV Broadband Champions are holding 3 more - yes THREE! Ufford, Bainton and Tallington Village Halls will open at 7pm for a prompt 7.30pm start on the 7th, 8th and 10th October. There will be a short presentation by Gigaclear then it will be open to anyone to ask questions and get the answers straight away! Anyone from any of the villages in the project can attended any of these 3 roadshows. Please come along.

6/9/2014 The final Welcome packs for the time being have gone out. The campaign now switches to the community doing the work of spreading the word..... Everyone in the 1430 properties has had the information so should now be working out if it is for them. Pricewise, quality and speedwise - it is a no-brainer! It is cheaper, better and faster than all the rest BUT people don’t like change... but they will like this utility once they find out about the power of it. Talk amongst yourselves and then make an educated decision.

5/9/2014 With the week’s order figures added to the Gigameter, it now stands at 40% exactly 1 month after the first roadshow at Helpston launched the project.

4/9/2014 This links to the Telegraph article on the effect of lack of broadband on house prices and this links to an article on how poor BT’s superfast fibre offering is being taken up by the general public - not very superfast Even when the new boxes appear only 14% take it up! Being more expensive and speeds still drop the further away you are means not everyone wants an inferior product at inflated prices. Now you know why we went for the best - that everyone would want, but only rural villages can get!

3/9/2014 Two links were supplied on the Info page. One to the BT OpenReach Fibre to the Premises (FTTP on Demand) website to show you how much BT charges for a similar (but inferior) product! The second to the ‘RadioAndTelly’ website which gives a summary of most of the TV and film services available.

2/9/2014 The latest Gigaclear order figures and information were given to Bainton Parish Council.

1/9/2014 BT and Gigaclear presentations were made to Helpston Parish Council.

31/8/2014 The promised set of videos of user experiences with the Gigaclear system are now available by clicking here > https://www.youtube.com/user/gigaclear

30/8/2014 The Gigaclear ordering process has also had its long awaited revamp! Click here > http://gigaclear.force.com/community/ServiceEnquiry

30/8/2014 The Gigaclear website has had a total revamp but is still a work-in-progress! See the new website pages by clicking here > http://www.gigaclear.com

29/8/2014 Latest figures show that with 160 ordering by today, we now have well over 30% of the total needed - more than a third the way there, after only 3 weeks!

28/8/2014 The following words were added to the Home Page:- If you have less than 12 months to go on your current broadband contract you may still order this service and it WILL count towards the 30%. You can just specify the date for connection in the ordering process.” This information had been given verbally at the roadshows and was in some printed literature but seemed to be missing from the 2 websites....;(

25/8/2014 Some tidying up has been done to the website About Us and Home pages including providing a link to a Guide to Broadband for those who know little or nothing about what it is or how we got here with (and without) it! Please return soon to see the various videos we have been able to find about Gigaclear broadband.

23/8/2014 BT confirms a price rise of up to 6.5% from December for both line rental and broadband as well as many call charges. Updates have been made to the How To page.

21/8/2014 New website, facebook and Twitter logos are now being used. They were created in-house by one of our broadband champions - Lisa.

20/8/2014 Final deliveries of information packs went out and reminder letters for those who previously expressed an interest in having superfast broadband. Numbers now past the 25% mark but we need quite a few to pre-order ASAP when they realise the benefits of having it and the pitfals of being left behind! Road signs have started to appear to remind everyone to put their smiley posters up in their windows after they have ordered.

19/8/2014 Prime Minister David Cameron switches on Gigaclear’s Northmoor 1Gbps broadband project.

11/8/2014 Second meeting of Broadband Champions at Ufford. Recent members were welcomed. All champions were asked to help distribute Welcome packs to new customers. Articles for 3 local newsletters had been prepared. Ben from Gigaclear attended and 3 new roadshows for Ufford/Southorpe/Pilsgate, Bainton/Ashton and Tallington were planned. All will be open to any resident from the whole project. Subsequently, a call for Twitter and Facebook pages was made and that is ongoing.

10/8/2014 The visual look of the website was revamped and this Updates page added. There were few changes to the content on the other pages apart from adding the 22 Broadband Champions names to the About Us page. A huge welcome to them as it will obviously spread the load when trying to give support to their neighbours.

7/8/2014 The Barnack Gigaclear Roadshow took place. Again approximately 80 people attended a packed meeting to hear Ben outline the project details. Another 4 joined the UPV Champions bringing us up to 22. There is always room for more, so please send an email to: support@UltrafastPeterboroughVale.info if you would like to join us.

6/8/2014 The Helpston Gigaclear Roadshow took place. Over 80 people attended a packed meeting to hear Ben Ramsden of Gigaclear outline what the project was about. 10 new Broadband Champions offered their support.

4/8/2014 First face-to-face meeting of Broadband Champions at Ufford. New members were welcomed and asked to help at the roadshows.