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How to deal with the technical bits of the changeover!

This page will help to guide you through the changeover process from your current supplier to the new Gigaclear fibre service. The tips given are gleaned from various sources and no reliability should be placed on them as being 100% accurate. They are given by us as a guide only. Obviously we will update them as and when we find anything incorrect.

How to cancel services from BT without penalty.

BT has confirmed it's hiking home phone and broadband prices for millions of customers from December. Under BT terms and conditions, as a price rise is considered to be to your detriment, you have 10 days from receiving notice of a price rise to terminate your contract without incurring an early termination fee.

How to transfer your email addresses.

If your email address is tied to your current supplier such as BT they should allow its use for about 3 months after disconnection. If you don’t want to change it then they may let you keep it for a small charge per year. However, now may be a good time to get a new free email address from such as Gmail or Hotmail so that this problem doesn’t occur in the future. By getting one early and letting you friends use it now, it will be a simple matter of informing the rest of your contacts when you are due to transfer over. If you have any problem setting it up, please contact us for support.

How to transfer your phone service.

If you take up the Vonage offer of a phone service for 7 a month then the transfer process will be quite simple and will be explained by them at the time. You can use both for a while until you get used to it but will find the cost savings well worth while!

How to get from the Gigaclear pot into your house.

Pot marking for the Gigaclear Ultrafast Peterborough Vale project will start once the 30% sign-up has been achieved. Your local representative will come round to discuss the location of the small Gigaclear pot which needs to be placed just inside your boundary along the path of the fibre optic cable route. This facility will be provided for all of the properties in the village to allow an ultrafast fibre connection at a later date.

A self-install kit from the pot to the house is available at no extra cost over the 100 for the router. A small charge may be made for longer lengths. A standard installation charge of 95 is made for Gigaclear’s contractors Boxcom to do it for you at the time of the initial service being provided to the area (up to 15 metres). See their website for more details.

In needy cases, community volunteers may be able to install it for you at minimum cost.

How to get ready for the Gigaclear service.

With Gigaclear on it’s way to your household, many opportunities are going to be available to you which were not previously available - because of your painfully slow copper based broadband service. In order to take advantage of the ultrafast fibre broadband service Gigaclear offers,  you’ll need to take a few things into consideration. To make sure that the fibre comes into the property at the right place you need to consider what use you will be making of it - and where.

Almost certainly your main computer(s) will want a wired connection - and so do new Smart TV’s. Most smartphones and iPads are wifi based as can be laptop computers. The router that is part of the installation package has both wired and wifi outputs so should be positioned for your needs.

This will need to be discussed with your local representative prior to installation.


More information is to come!