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Benefits of Gigaclear

They only provide the best! A Fibre to the Home service (FTTH)

1. It is fibre - not copper! A single thread of glass fibre that goes all the way from the internet right into your home. Done once - and done well! Yes there are obviously joints but they are sealed to ensure no loss of signal.

2. It uses light - not electricity! A laser generated light beam carries the signal at  1Gbps over long distances. (Upgradeable, if needed, to 10Gbps or more!)

3. It is extremely fast ALL of the time & you get what you pay for! No dropout after 3pm when children come home from school and no waiting till after midnight to do your backups to the cloud! A minimum speed of 50Mbps download and 50Mbps upload is 37, up to 69 for 1Gbps for very high users! All without ANY usage caps - 'unlimited use' does mean unlimited use!

4. It is reliable - it constantly checks itself! Breakdowns are very rare and can be dealt with very quickly, often without you knowing about it!

5. It is all underground - not affected by the weather! Being fibre, it isn't affected by water or lightning (or cable theft!) Gigaclear will put it in all the way  from Peterborough, very much like installing a new water pipe!

6. It is future-proof - once this system is put in, it should last for 30 years or more. There is nothing to degrade (like copper or aluminium) and is upgraded by changing equipment at each end - not the fibre.

7. It is exceptionally good value - being so fast, it can provide all of your entertainment and home business needs, as well as a wi-fi signal for other devices. By adding the optional telephone service and getting rid of your old copper land line you can save substantially with no line rental charges. A small adapter is available free to convert your telephone to the new system.

World-class entertainment - the latest on-demand on-line music,  high-definition movies and on-line gaming. From your own home see high  quality movies straight away without waiting hours to download, and with no jittery pictures.

Working from-home - the ability to work efficiently and  keep-in-touch with the office using advanced videoconferencing  technology which is so clear and ’virtually real’, it’s like actually  being in the office. The network will support VPN and remote desktop due to fast upload speeds and low contention ratios.

Telemedicine and social services - imagine having a consultation  with your doctor or an international specialist by videoconference from  your own home, or talking to your social worker or other health care professional - face to face - at the touch of a button - just some  examples of the possibilities of Ultrafast Broadband.

Keeping in touch with your family and friends - talking to them over high quality video conferencing, great for keeping in touch with those who are less mobile or housebound, with no landline charge and all phone calls for just 7 a month with a Vonage package!

Internet trading - Recent studies have indicated that using the  internet for online shopping, travel, utilities etc can offer savings on average of 700 per annum when compared to equivalent physical or telephone methodology.

Multiuses and multi-user’s - with higher bandwidth levels than other providers, many users in the same household can access the internet  simultaneously without reducing the quality of service. Additionally the network enables different functionality simultaneously - telephony,  music downloads, internet browsing - all at the same time and without loss of quality.

House price differences -  This Telegraph article on the effect of lack of broadband on house prices shows the value of being in this project area.

Isn’t it better to wait for the current supplier (BT?) to upgrade? This link to an article on how poor BT’s superfast fibre offering is being taken up by the general public shows that despite promises, it is not very superfast Even when the new Superfast boxes appear only 14% of properties in the area take it up! Being more expensive and with speeds still dropping the further away you are means not everyone wants an inferior product at inflated prices. Now you know why we went for the best - that everyone would want, but only rural villages can get!

You can read about Gigaclear here: http://www.gigaclear.com

or go online to Gigaclear to order:-


 or ring their office on - 01865 591100