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About Us

This website was set up for the communities involved in the Ultrafast Peterborough Vale Project. A group of residents from Helpston and Tallington were initially involved and welcomed offers of support from others in their relevant communities.

As of the 8th October 2014 the group consisted of:
Graham Stenson, Alex Driver, AW H Hughes, John Seston, Tina Humphrey, Roy Hinchliff, James Tamburrini, Maddy & Andy Ratnett, William South, Allan Robinson and Christina Armitage from Helpston
Josh Jackson and Malcolm Pickering from Barnack,
J.B.Tanner and Ian Abbott-Donnelly of Bainton,
Rupert Thorp, David & Jill Fear, David & Lisa Chadwick from Ufford and
Philip Sagar, Justin MacKenzie and Ken Otter from Tallington.

If you would like to join us as a local broadband champion
please click on the link below to send us an email:-


This website is designed to be an additional information source in relation to the project for the local community and the broadband champions in each area. It will be a reference document to start with and build up to be a helpful guide for all users.

Any comments for improvement are always welcome.

The website is maintained by CBA Technical Services, Tel. 07761 452030

or may be contacted by email: website@ultrafastpeterboroughvale.info

  There is no Copyright on the text on this site. If you wish to copy or link to the site, please feel free to do so.

Who are we? A group of your neighbours who are interested in the project and want to promote it for all of our benefit. Without a big community effort this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might be missed. More enthusiasts are welcome to come and join the project - even if only to deliver a few leaflets in your road. Just click on the support link above.

Why this website? Many of you signed up last year to the Connecting Cambridgeshire or OnLincolnshire websites to register an interest in getting better broadband. Those figures were used to persuade broadband providers to come to your area. In the majority of cases this was going to be BT providing a service via their cabinets (FTTC) and then using the old phone lines into your house, perhaps by the end of 2015. Peterborough City Council have however encouraged a community broadband provider, Gigaclear, to offer their Ultrafast Fibre to the Home service (FTTH) to you sooner - with much cheaper phone calls and no line rental! This website is to answer any questions you may have before & after you order. Please remember, subscriptions aren’t payable until you are connected!

What is the aim of the Ultrafast Peterborough Vale Project - to improve broadband speeds so that it makes a difference to the north Cambridgeshire villages of Marholm, Helpston and villages on the Barnack exchange; Ashton,  Ufford, Southorpe, Pilsgate, Barnack, Bainton and Tallington. To do so, we will be promoting the services of a community broadband supplier, Gigaclear; to ensure a sign up of at least 30% of properties to both prove a need and help start to repay their financial investment.

The benefits being? To get a new futureproof fibre to the home (FTTH) broadband system which will allow everyone in the house to use their equipment ie. PC’s, iPads, laptops, smartphones and new Smart TV’s to their full potential - without affecting others in the house. A major side effect being that house values are expected to increase by 2%-5% over those without a decent broadband service! (Avg. 15,000!)

Why is Tallington in a Peterborough project? Because it was left out of the early BT commercial broadband roll-out - fortunately their telephone exchange is in Barnack!

How has the project been achieved? For several years, residents in Tallington had been trying to get a better broadband service because of the length of their copper telephone wires from Barnack to a green cabinet in Bainton and then another 2 kilometres to Tallington. Gigaclear was contacted to give advice but work could not continue for technical reasons - as the backhaul was too far away at Wansford. (Backhaul is where a local broadband service can physically link into the world wide web network.)

What has changed? Peterborough City Council have recently joined with CityFibre to provide a high speed fibre network around major sites in the city. One of those sites is close to Marholm at Bretton. Gigaclear now have the opportunity to link in to that backhaul system to provide an ultrafast community broadband service to these villages that would otherwise have had to wait much longer and be poorer quality!

What can you do to help us?

Those who have ordered will have received a couple of yellow smileys. They should be displaying them prominently in their windows or on the gateposts! If you want local information - why not knock on their doors and ask them what the benefits are. Each of those property owners has been asked to talk to friends and neighbours because it is in their interests to get the required numbers up as soon as possible. The sooner the 30% is reached (ie. 100% on the Gigameter!) then the sooner the fibre goes into the ground and is on its way to everyone! Please order now....