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Information on Rural schemes like Horse, Farm & Allotment Watch will appear here.

The Rural Watch scheme, together with initiatives using Smartwater especially in churches, have helped to deter criminals, as they know these schemes increase the chances of them being caught. However, while Lincolnshire is one of the safest counties to live and work in,  that doesn't mean we have no crime, as some farms & businesses could  testify. We all need to remain vigilant and be prepared to report suspicious activity immediately, if we are to keep crime low.

We can  only achieve this by working together with you.


Horse Watch

Lincolnshire Horse Watch is an information sharing scheme to help protect horses, ponies and property. It encourages the equestrian community to work together with us in both the prevention and detection of equine related crime.

Local groups of co-ordinators and volunteers cover the Lincolnshire area.
 They can offer local sessions on crime prevention measures, such as:

    equipment marking, yard security, freeze marking, microchipping

Lincolnshire Horse Watch is part of the National Horse Watch Alliance which is supported by most police forces. Join Horse Watch by visiting Lincolnshire Alert and when asked, click join Horse Watch.  Fill in your details and you will receive a Horse Watch members pack in the post.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email at

Report it

If you have been a victim of equine crime, call 101 to report it
If a crime is in progress and you are in immediate danger, call 999

Use the horse and equipment record form to keep a details and photographs of your horse.
Keep it in a safe place.  It will assist in trying to trace your horse if it is lost or stolen.

More help and support is available from UK Horsewatch