These are your local Police and Police Community Support Officers

The police are here to provide a service to the local communities which may have differing needs.
For you to have your say in what the priorities should be, contact a member of your local police panel or speak at a panel meeting held locally 3 times a year. Click the Panel link above for more information or contact your local police station. These are some of your officers - click on them to find their contact details.


The new Community Policing Inspector for Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings is:

Ian Martin

His photo will appear here as soon as it is available.


Emma-Jayne Crisp

Emma-Jayne Crisp

Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson

NW 1
Jay Nielander

Jay Nielander


Sandra Brommell


Graeme Parrott


Jason Possnett


Michelle Laughton

Note:- For any parking issues.

Please contact LCC Parking Services on 01522 511142

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For Home Security advice.

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