These are your local Police Panel chair-persons contact details

The police are here to provide a service to the local communities which may have differing needs. For you to have your say in what the priorities should be, contact a member of your local police panel or speak at a panel meeting held locally 3 times a year.

These are open meetings and members of the public are welcome to attend if they  wish to discuss crime problems with their representatives and the police. If you want to  know more about Neighbourhood Watch, a member will be attending and would be delighted to answer any questions you have, or if you are considering creating or joining a Neighbourhood Watch group he will help you get started.

Stamford Police Panel

Chair: Ken Otter   Tel: 07761 452030


Next meeting: May 8th at Stamford - Location TBC

Bourne Police Panel

Chair: Richard Dixon-Warren   Tel: 07785 353951

email: Richard Dixon-Warren <>

Next meeting: TBA  Location: TBC

Deepings Community Police Panel

Chair: Jean Sked   Tel:


Next meeting: 7pm May 15th at DSJ Open Door Church