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Message sent by Gill Finn (Police & NHWN, Community Safety Officer, Police HQ)

Top tips to help protect you against crime this summer

At home

If you are in the back garden – keep the front door locked and front windows closed.  If a thief knows you are in the back garden, especially if you may be distracted having a BBQ, he WILL try his luck and test to see if the door is unlocked or whether he can reach into front windows

Keep all garden equipment locked away when not in use, criminals love a wheel barrow to transport your goods away, or ladders to reach inside upstairs windows.

Ensure you always check that your vehicle is locked, especially if you have auto lock devices.  Do you really know when your car is locked or do you just assume???  Thieves will walk along a street and driveways to test the handles to see if a car is locked or not.

Your insurance company will not pay out if you have left your property insecure.


Teach your children their home address so that in the event they may wander off, we can return them to you.  Tell them we are one of their safe people to trust, not, who take them way when they are naughty!!

If you are going to a beach or seaside location, write your mobile number on your child’s hand – simple but effective for us to reach you in an emergency if your child is lost/found.  You can also buy wristbands for this purpose off the Internet.  (Please don’t tell the company when you are going away!!!)

Going away

Ensure you have locked all doors and windows, make that last minute check!

Do not close your curtains as this makes it really obvious that you have gone away.  Burglars check on trigger points like this.

Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property and give them your contact details.

Leave a timer switch installed for your lights and radio, making them come on and off at different times.  This is more of a deterrent to opportunist burglars who may simply be looking for houses left in darkness.

Ask a neighbour to park their car on your drive way while you are away – this means the car will be parked intermittently.
Finally – if you see anything suspicious, let us know with a description of the person or vehicle.  We don’t mind checking details; it’s a lot quicker than making a burglary report!!  Tel: 101
Have a safe and secure summertime.

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